Personalised Facials 

We offer a range of bespoke personalised facials using only natural organic

products to ensure your skin is cared for at Tranquility. If you'd like to book for our crystal facials click here 

We also use warm facial towels throughout our facials to help you relax and unwind and feel deeply cleansed.


Our facials offer a lovely natural approach to skincare whilst helping you unwind taking you to a place of deep relaxation. 

Before all of our facials a skincare consultation will be carried out to personalise and create a facial tailored to you and your skin care & essential oils will be diffused according to your needs on the day. 

Essential facial - 30 min treatment


Our essential facial is ideal if you haven't experienced a facial before or want to try a natural treatment to help your skin, whether that's blemishes and breakouts or dry skin we can tailor the skincare products to suit you. 


Our essential facial begins with a face and neck cleanse, exfoliation, tone a cleansing mask will be applied, whilst you relax with a neck, and shoulder massage followed by a warm mitt removal of mask, tone, & moisturise to finish. 

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Our relax and unwind facial -  45 min treatment 


Our 45 minute facial helps you relax and unwind using only natural products to rejuvenate and promote a healthy skin balance.

Beginning with a double cleanse, exfoliation, tone, a light touch face, neck & décolletage massage followed by a custom mask applied to the face, whilst the mask is setting and working its magic a light touch soothing, scalp massage to help you relax and drift in to a state of zen, warm mitts shall removal your face mask, and to finish a tone of the face, eye serum and facial moisturisation to lock in all the goodness and leave you with healthy glowing skin. 

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Luxury Doterra 1 Hour Facial - 

Using Doterra's facial range delicate enough for sensitive skin, promoting youthful skin and maximising the natural power of essential oils. 

Beginning with a Facial Spritz, Eye Cleanse, Double deep pore cleanse, invigorating exfoliation, pore reducing toner, a facial massage using a bespoke essential oil blend to suit your skin type, followed by neck, décolletage massage and a bespoke essential oil infused clay mask applied, whilst the mask is setting relax with a soothing scalp massage, warm mitt removal of mask, tone, age defying eye cream & eye massage using anti aging eye cream, tightening serum, brightening gel to help brighten and even skin tone or can be used within your facial to target dark spots & anti aging moisturise to face, neck and décolletage to finish. 


Helping to keep your skin feeling and looking young and healthy. 

A consultation will be carried out at the start of your appointment to discuss your skin type and the best treatment for you - this consultation time is not included in the one hour facial - Please allow the extra time when booking in your appointment. 

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Neil's Yard Age Defying Facial  -  1 Hour 

Using all natural frankincense products .. "age well with frankincense"

This facial will include, double cleanse, exfoliation, face, neck, shoulders, & décolletage massage, a custom mask with frankincense essential oil applied, a scalp massage, warm mitt removal of mask, tone & moisturise

Frankincense is a powerful anti -ageing and has skin rejuvenating effects that help prevent premature ageing and improve the appearance of pores, wrinkles, scars, acne and face blemishes. 

Frankincense also has astringent properties that make it ideal for healing a soothing facial suitable for all skin types 

Frankincense Doterra essential oil will also be diffused during your treatment which helps to promote feelings of peace, relaxation, and overall wellness.

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Radiant Eye Facial -  30 min treatment 

A bespoke facial to reduce puffiness, dark circles and fine lines. 

Eye cleanse, face and neck cleanse, seaweed collagen water-soluble gel eye masks placed under the eyes for a refreshing and soothing treatment

A scalp massage and to finish a rose and geranium gentle lifting eye & face massage

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Hot Stone Facial - 45 minute treatment

A bespoke treatment beginning with a cleanse & tone to face, neck and decolletage, facial oil massage to face, neck and decolletage with the use of hot stones melting away tension and fatigue  & moisturise to finish

A facial to boost circulation, firm and tone the skin & deeply relaxing with the warmth of the hot stones. 


The heat and energy from the stones provides many benefits - 

  • Improving blood flow and circulation 

  • Shifting stagnant energy 

  • Relief of headaches and tension 

  • Diminishing puffiness to the eye area 

  • Sinus relief

  • Eliminate toxins and excess fluid

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Breathe Easy -  Facial - 45 Minute Treatment 

A bespoke and specialist treatment to help open airways, and allow for easy breathing and breaking down blocked sinus's and relieve sinus pressure 

Beginning with warming aromatherapy infused mitts to the feet a peppermint, and pressure point massage to sinus points on the feet

Beginning the facial with a peppermint & tea tree facial cleanse, face and neck massage blended with essential oils to cleanse & flush out toxins and relieve sinus pressure, the massage will also include stimulating pressure points to encourage natural drainage 

A cleansing clay mask applied to draw out impurities and toxins and a soothing scalp massage relieving any tension and headaches and to finish eye serum and delicate eye massage & moisturise 

During this treatment essential oils will be diffused in to the treatment room helping clear blocked sinus's and immune boosting, protecting oils. 

For mobile massage treatments please complete the form below stating when you would like the treatment and we will get back to you to arrange this with you

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