Beautiful Hands and Feet


Neil's Yard Organic luxurious hand treatment  

This treatment includes a replenishing hand facial enhancing your well being with the following;

Aromatherapy hand wash and soak, Aromatherapy hand exfoliating scrub, cuticles replenished, frankincense intense hand treatment serum followed by a hydrating frankincense moisturising massage to lock in all the goodness.

Doterra Spa foot treatment; Spa bath - jet bubbles massage and peppermint oil to soothe tired achy feet, exfoliating scrub to renew and replenish dry, cracked skin, a soothing moisturising foot and ankle massage to finish. Relaxing the entire body.  

Please select the treatment time below:

75 - 45.png

For mobile massage treatments please complete the form below stating when you would like the treatment and we will get back to you to arrange this with you

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