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Jade Crystal's carry the energy of earth and nature, opening the heart chakra for harmony to the mind, body & spirit. 

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Crystal Facial's 

A deeply relaxing face massage using natural healing crystal's awakens and lifts your skin. Boosting circulation & stimulating blood flow through congested areas. We have 43 muscles in our face which we are constantly using therefore the benefits of a face massage are more important than you may think.. 

Everyday stresses and strains cause tension to build up in our facial muscles, which can encourage ageing and formation of wrinkles. Massage and Crystal Massage releases these tensions, giving the muscles a new lease of life. Crystals which have been selected for their relaxing, healing and anti-aging properties are used during the facial. Improving the complexion of your skin tone leaving a healthy glow & younger look to the face whilst relaxing the mind, body and soul.

Take time out for you & protect your skin from the harsh elements we endure on a daily basis.

Crystal Facial Massage Benefits : 

  • Improved skin tone & scaring

  • Reduces dark circles under eyes. 

  • Contours & refine the face

  • Reducing puffiness and lymphatic fluid

  • Eliminates toxins 

  • Sinus relief

  • Improve tension headaches

  • Releases jawline tension and breakouts along the jawline 

  • Smooth fine lines, wrinkles and expression lines. 

  • Reduces Anxiety  

  • Protecting your skin from harsh elements

  • Relieving stress 

  • Brightens complexion and improves elasticity of skin 

  • Stimulates collagen when crystals are used over acupressure points

  • De - Stress Skin

  • Heals emotional blockages. 

  • Enhancing youthful skin naturally 

* Only Natural products will be used in your facial treatments ~ Neil's Yard Organic Remedies or Doterra facial collections, and naturally healing crystals*

Our facial crystals used in our treatments will be Rose Quartz, Amethyst and Jade. 

Prior to the treatment a client consultation will be completed to assess and advise the best treatment for each client. A client consultation is carried out in the strictest of confidence and a treatment plan can be discussed at the end of the treatment session

Please select our Crystal Face Massage or one of our Crystal Facials below to proceed to the booking page:

Rose Quartz - Opening up the heart to promote feelings of self-love and loving relationships, deep inner healing and feelings of peace. Calming and reassuring, it helps to comfort in times of grief.

Crystal Face Massage 30 min  - £30

A crystal face massage tailored and individually created for you

At the beginning of your treatment we can carefully choose which crystals will work best for you.

Your crystal face massage will begin with a facial cleanse, followed by a relaxing facial massage incorporating our facial crystals, hot towels will soothe over the face after the crystal massage and the treatment will finish with a moisturise to revitalise the skin, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. 

Crystal Face Massage

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Crystal Facial 1 Hour - £50

Using our natural skincare facial range's, delicate enough for sensitive skin and promoting youthful skin, maximising the natural power of essential oils and incorporating naturally healing crystals. 

Beginning with wrapping you in warm soft towels to help you relax deeply in to the treatment, starting your facial treatment with an eye cleanse, double deep pore cleanse, invigorating exfoliation, pore reducing toner, neck and décolletage massage, crystal face massage using a bespoke essential oil blend to suit your skin type and our healing crystal's to include gua sha massage, crystal facial rollers and individually placed healing crystals to allow for deep healing or relaxation during your treatment, each crystal has different properties and benefits, we shall use a crystal tailored to you to help you achieve the most from your treatment a light touch massage will ensure no residue facial oil remains and a warm facial towel applied, to finish the treatment an eye massage using anti aging eye cream or eye serum, tightening serum, brightening gel to help brighten and even skin tone and an anti aging moisturise to face, neck and décolletage to complete this treatment. 


Helping to keep your skin feeling and looking young and healthy. 

A consultation will be carried out at the start of your appointment to discuss your skin type and the best treatment for you - this consultation time is not included in the one hour facial - Please allow the extra time when booking in your appointment. 

Crystal Facial 1 Hour

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Luxury Crystal Facial  90 min  - £60


Our luxury 90 minute crystal facial treatment includes everything in our one hour treatment, adding a deeply nourishing face mask and whilst the face mask is setting, relax in to a soothing scalp massage helping boost circulation to the head and neck area. If you'd prefer you can choose a hand and arm massage instead of a scalp massage.  

A consultation will be carried out at the start of your appointment to discuss your skin type and the best treatment for you - this consultation time is not included in the 90 minute facial - Please allow the extra time when booking in your appointment. 

Crystal Facial 90 mins

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