Facial Massage

A deeply relaxing face massage awakens and lifts your skin. Boosting circulation & stimulating blood flow through congested areas. We have 43 muscles in our face which we are constantly using therefore the benefits of a face massage are more important than you may think.. 

Improving the complexion of your skin tone leaving a healthy glow & younger look to the face whilst relaxing the mind, body and soul.

Take time out for you & protect your skin from the harsh elements we endure on a daily basis.

Facial Massage Benefits : 

  • Improved skin tone & scaring

  • Sinus relief

  • Improve tension headaches

  • Smooth away fine lines 

  • Reduces Anxiety  

  • Protecting your skin from harsh elements

  • Relieving stress 

  • Feeling contented 

A facial treatment will be tailored and individually created for you, beginning with a facial cleanse, a therapeutic essential oil face massage finished with a moisture massage revitalising the skin and leaving you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. 

* All products used will be Neils Yard Organic Products or Doterra Products CPTG*

Prior to the treatment a client consultation will be completed to assess and advise the best treatment for each client. A client consultation is carried out in the strictest of confidence and a treatment plan can be discussed at the end of the treatment session

Please select the treatment plan below:

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For mobile massage treatments please use the button below and complete the displayed form stating when you would like the treatment and we will get back to you to arrange this with you