Indian Head Massage 

An ancient treatment practised in India and based on Ayurveda, the worlds oldest Indian healing system restoring balance & inner harmony to the Mind, Body and Soul.  

A typical treatment of the holistic massage of Indian head will include, head and scalp, face and neck and upper back massage. 

This massage can be performed with the client clothed and in a seating position on a specially designed massage chair or lying on the massage couch with the use of towels to keep you covered and warm during the treatment.

This treatment comes with many physiological & physiological benefits speeding up the elimination of waste products and toxins releasing dead skin cells which block our pores. 

Some of the benefits : 

  • Prevents Migraines & Headaches  

  • Detoxifies the body 

  • Promotes hair growth

  • Boots memory capability

  • Re balancing the body's energy

  • Relieves neck pain ​

  • Relieves anxiety and stress

  • Improved Sleep 

  • Relieve's blocked sinus or sinus pressure

  • Increase of energy levels 

Prior to the treatment a client consultation will be completed to assess and advise the best treatment for each client. A client consultation is carried out in the strictest of confidence and a treatment plan can be discussed at the end of the treatment session

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