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Tired Legs Massage

Tired leg massage a luxurious bespoke treatment with the use of 'hot' oil and essential oils to relax those tired aching legs and feet. 

The oil will be warmed for the massage and aromatherapy oils will be added to aid to the relaxation experience.

A relaxing massage from the hips, legs right to the tips of your toes 

An energising treatment finished of with a peppermint soothe leaving you 'feeling'

as though you are walking on air. 

Benefits of receiving a relaxing tired legs massage include: 

  • Increased energy flow to legs and body

  • Relieves irritable legs 

  • Relieves achy muscles & sore feet

  • Improves blood flow and circulation 

  • Reduces inflammation and swelling 

  • Improves Postural alignment 

  • Relieving symptoms of anxiety, depression and stress 

* The oil will be warmed for the treatment but never be to hot that it is uncomfortable on the skin *

Prior to the treatment a client consultation will be completed to assess and advise the best treatment for each client. A client consultation is carried out in the strictest of confidence and a treatment plan can be discussed at the end of the treatment session

Please select the treatment time below:

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For mobile massage treatments please use the button below and complete the displayed form stating when you would like the treatment and we will get back to you to arrange this with you